Stream WIth US

How exciting - you are thinking to stream with us ! 

If you join us, you join a cool community of local streamers in Canterbury New Zealand. We will host regular meet ups, LAN parties and streaming events where we all get to come together and share a passion and get to share skill. 

A key benefit to joining with us is the combined marketing strategy for our streams. If you join ARCADIA STREAMING, you will get to host your stream on our stream promoting ARCADIA, and in return ARCADIA will promote your stream and profile. With each of our members promoting the ARCADIA stream, it is certain to become a strong local brand which will benefit YOU the individual when it is time to push and promote your stream. 

When you join with us, you will be offered a time slot where you stream your content on the ARCADIA feed. You will feature on our schedule and we will notify our 4000 facebook friends when you are going on line. They will then be able to follow and like you if they want to persue your channel. Thus the ARCADIA marketing (along with some other tricks) will benefit your exposure. In exchange, you along with our other members will encourage your followers to also follow and like ARCADIA, turning ARCADIA into a stronger platform to promote you ! Hoooray. It makes sense ! 

But Wait There's More! ARCADIA is set to be continually streaming from the Arcade & Pool hall, streaming pool, video games, karaoke and general chit chat ! FUN huh. 

We just have to meet you so we can make the rest up ! 

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