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When it's cold outside - PLAY VIDEO GAMES

Yes, when it is cold outside, come play games at Arcadia.

Burgers Beers and Video Games ! It’s heaven !

Come down to ARCADIA 206 Barbadoes St, we have more than 12 pinball machines, tittles including Elvira, Black Hole, Road Show, Tron and Lethal Weapon. We have a great selection of arcade games too, tittles including Pac Man, Gyruss, Defender, Burger Time, Time Pilot, Star Blazer, Metal Slug and more! You can enjoy a game of pool, board games or get on the mic and sing us all a song !

The kitchen is open full menu full time, so munchies at midnight - not a problem!

ARCADIA, perfect for a work do, after work drinks, birthdays, kids birthdays, date nights, or just to go out and push play! All machines take one token (apart from prize givers which take two) all tokens are $1 ( if you buy from the machine with cash, you get a bonus)

Come down to ARCADIA

Push play to keep the DR away 😊

If you LOVE ARCADIA please push share !

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