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Sharpen Your Pinball Skills AT ARCADIA

Sharpen your Pinball skills at ARCADIA and get involved with Pinball NZ.

Pinball players in New Zealand are now able to participate in an exciting new national contest, with the launch of the IFPA New Zealand Championship!

The results from all IFPA endorsed tournaments within New Zealand during the calendar year will count towards the IFPA NZ Championship.

At the end of the year, the 32 players who have accumulated the most points over the year will qualify to play in the national Championship Final to be held in January.

The NZ Championship will alternate around different cities each year, and will feature trophies for the top 4, and the winner will be crowned the NZ Champion for the year!

Full details at

Sharpen your skills at ARCADIA in our social league and get ready to take your sporting efforts further!

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