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Our COVID Statement


We have been taking loads of enquiries about our stance on Vaccination Passports and the COVID situation. Our posts have been clear. We have been consulting with Work Safe to ensure we operate within the guidance, this checking will be ongoing as the guidance evolves.

1. ARCADIA as it always has, welcomes bookings for birthdays, work dos and other social functions. We will accept bookings from ALL and operate within the guidance.

2. From time to time, as we always have, we will host Pinball Tournaments and comps. Register your scores with us when you come in. Sharpen your skills ready for regional and national social and competitive comps. These tournaments are OPEN to all and are a social fun time for all the family.

3. Gigs, events, concerts, unless organised for a private gathering that meets the criteria, are pass required. Given that over the previous COVID restrictions, we were unable to host events, we filled the place up with games so we are unlikely to host gigs etc or events outside of SING WITH SANTA on the weekends !

We are not skirting rules, we are not anti vax, we are operating within the guidance and will continue to do so, so you can stop reporting us to WORKSAFE.

What is important to us, is that we cultivate kind environment where people have fun, come together and create good memories. We love it when our members and guests come together, play, laugh, sing, meet new friends and relax and some even fall in love!

Moving forward, we want to continue to do what we do and where we can within the guidance, include and welcome those without a VAX Pass. Like mum tonight pregnant, in with her husband and kids to get a high score on AVATAR. She does not yet have a pass. Like the 6 out of 40 young people in yesterday not vax passed celebrating thier move to high school, without a pass as had turned 12 within the last 12 weeks.

The reasons people may not have a pass is not our business. Our business is bringing people together, operating legally, facilitating fun while managing risk within all the rules that govern our business. If risk increases or guidance changes, we will change to suit.

For now, yes, non-pass holders can attend our tournaments, enter the league, register high scores, have a beer, burger, milkshake, play games and relax alongside your vaccinated friends - when we are hosting an authourised activity that allows this. You can also book the space for your gatherings.

We are aware that there a number of our people that are immune compromised or have regular contact with those that are vulnerable and will not want to be exposed to heightened risk of being around those that are not vaccinated or being around children. In order to ensure that we can still be your happy place, we will be reserving specific days as PASS ONLY and R18. We still want to see you. Do keep an eye out on our event page and FB thread.

For more information, check out our NEWS / BLOG at

We are interested in hanging out with our awesome customers and making new friends. If you are a customer and have input to this then talk to us. We are committed to meeting the needs of our members, friends, customers and actual potential customers.

In the meantime, stay safe out there and we hope you all get to spend some time with loved ones over the Christmas and holiday period and take some respite from the ongoing issues that are facing everyone at this time.

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