Since opening in 2018 we have registered more than 2000 members who have become fabulous repeat customers at ARCADIA enjoying birthday bookings, work do's, regular visit, cups of tea, beers, gigs, events and of course GAMING AND PINBALL COMPS !

Maintaining our membership has allowed us to offer members great deals and helped us keep a friendly kind culture down at the space.

Members get 15% off the menu, $8 drinks, preferential bookings for family events and other things you may want to use the space for. You also get invites to our special events and comps!

Our electronic control locks for the front doors arrive for installation this week. At that stage we will be moving to being a member only space. Yes members can bring thier friends along (they should join too)

Membership is open to those that carry Vax passes and those that do not.

All are welcome to our regular social comps and club events.

To join the membership simply text you name and email to 027 536 1438 when you come in for your first visit. $10 will get you your welcome pack of tokens and bonus game tokens when you pop in.

You will be entered to the system and your account set up. You will earn loyalty as you spend with us.

YES we have group membership too. We have multiple organisations and community groups that are members. When your clients / customers join us, they get special deals and loyalty goes to your organisation / group! Contact us for details about this.

Memberships expire from the system when dormant for six months so keep your visits up!

Join ARCADIA today.

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