ARCADIA munchies

At Arcadia we have burgers, fish and chips and other tasty things on offer from open to close and on UBER EATS. Our menu is under development poised to offer fast, good, hot food to local builders working on the stadium. We have awesome vegetarian burgers, gluten free options, good simple food for your gobbling pleasure!

Our Menu :

Gluten Free

Yes we have a separate fryer and grill. We have sought out the best gluten free buns, we use gluten free angel bay patties and our fish, well, it is a pan friend fillet served with a side salad. Gluten free chicken nuggets and we are always on the search for more gluten free treats!

Vege Things

We don't just remove the meat and feed you a lettuce burger, we have yummy vege patties, spring rolls, samosa, and other vegetarian treats.

Salad Things

After such demand, we decided to add salad based options with grilled chicken. Some people just want a salad ! We have standard salads and chicken which are tasty but if you want a real treat, let us know you are coming and we will make the yummiest salad ever !


For your events and gatherings, if you want something different, let us know, we can work with you to get that grazing table right.

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