Introducing ARCADIA. We have been around since 2018, based in the middle of no where on Barbadoes st in a building that has a lot of local history. Home of groups such as CORSO, many arts and community groups and a building that we hosted many events and gigs in. In 2018 after earthquake repairs we established ARCADIA (my friends and family pulling it all together in the middle of the night)

The idea was to create a space where people could come together, create, play music, sing, eat, drink and be merry, outside of the busy and sometimes hectic night-time scene of the central city.

We sought to create a space that was inclusive, celebrated family, diversity, that was safe and where people could have a great time. We have achieved this, it has been great. We have loved the many family gatherings, birthdays, work do’s, loved seeing that people have met at the arcade, fallen in love and started families, we have loved hosting the bands, the gigs, the comedians and other creatives too.

Into 2022, we aim to continue to deliver, hosting gatherings, offering food, drinks, games and good times. We aim to be shifting to new premises in the first half of 2022, retaining the building at 206 Barbadoes St to operate with a focus on food and the arts. Christchurch’s Virtual Reality and Theatre Bar! VR, Consoles, Games, Stage Shows, Cat Walks, Drag Shows, Puppet Shows, Comedy and more! Check it out


We have a nice range of arcade games. Games that trigger memories of piling up the bikes at the local fish and chip shop, games that were around prior to the internet and household console gaming. Games that I find really hard to play !

Check out our game range here :

Arcadia Promotes Pinball

Pinball is an awesome international sport. There are international, national and local fixtures and a really awesome social local pinball community of players. We love having 8 machines in a line to introduce people to the sport. Should you find yourself talented or passionate about the pinball action, you can meet the community and get involved in friendly and competitive meets. Check it out here :

Social Gatherings

With this COVID debacle impacting the world and our ability to socialise. ARCADIA is committed to providing a safe space for people to gather so allows booking the arcade for small groups of vaxed and un-vaxed. It is so important for people to come together. Should COVID outbreaks occur into 2022, we understand that many people will most comfortable socializing with people they know, we seek to make this possible by making ARCADIA available for this without breaking the bank!


Kids birthdays, 30, 40, 50! Any age is OK! Games, food, singing, we are here to host your birthdays and family celebrations ! When we shift 206 Barbadoes to Galaxy we even hope to host Vegas style dress up weddings!

Check out our kids birthday packages here :

Big kids birthday information here :

ARCADIA Does Work Do’s and other social gatherings!

Book your work do or other social event. $10 per person all you can play, we can close to the public for groups of over 30 (three hours) 15% off the menu at we can create catering options too!

ARCADIA does Food.

Check out our menu here

We are on uber eats too.

ARCADIA is sorting a modified menu to cater for late night munchies and gamers and also the builders over the road who are set to build a new STADIUM YAY!

Eat with us.

Game with us.


We do love to sing and you are welcome to come and sing with us. Our full playlist is at Be sure to keep an eye on our events and come sing with the bar staff!

ARCADIA does Gigs

From time to time we do host events. If you are a performer, in a band or play epic tunes, contact us now as we have the sound system and stage suitable to host events of up to 80. Moving forward as Galaxy we will be able to host 150 dancing or 60 seated.

Become a member

Get special deals, offers, 15% off the menu, $8 drinks and preferential everything!

ARCADIA Supports Community

Prior to operating ARCADIA, I was a very active youth worker. I lead out a number of community programmes, advocacy, and worked extensively in justice and mental health and disabilities. Community is where my heart is so ARCADIA takes every opportunity to be able to support community groups and individuals in the positive work they are doing. We can cut deals on bookings, give easy access to groups, work within tight budgets and will go over and beyond to support you where we can. Contact us now.

ARCADIA Supports The Environment.

ARCADIA supports environmental action. Gathering those with an affinity to the environment to take action. ARCADIA has sponsored ECO-Pirates, a group that recycles plastics, making useful items including pot plant holders, rubbish bins and picnic sets. ARCADIA is poised to fundraise for the provision of tools for replanting coral reef systems in Samoa and long term, tackling the South Pacific Gyre. ARCADIA, with the support of the members has funded two yachts that are set in 2022 to be flagships for ocean protection. Get involved and support the work we support and make contact. The long-term goal is establishing Eco-Camp Samoa, a place where our customers can visit, get involved in sea turtle conservation, plastic recycling, reef replanting and other initiatives. We are set to fund the first buildings in 2022!

Our COVID Position

In these times of COVID every business has had to figure out how to operate within the guidance by government. Learn about our position here.

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