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Big Buck Hunter

Now, so often I see people at this game. It is much loved. Personally seeing all the animals scampering for life as we shoot them all dead gives me the hibeegeebeees and makes me kinda hungry....BUT people LOVE IT. They come in here shooting and screaming and clambering for more credits while they shoot all of gods creations!

Big Buck Hunter! You too can come and play this one and shoot your way to victory!

Inspired by Duck Hunt, the game's goal is to shoot the male animals as they run across the screen. The round ends when a female one is shot.[1] Each scene will begin with a couple of animals walking without any suspicions. After a first shot is done, the animals will begin running and the hunt starts.[2] Big Buck Hunter is separated in five screens, also known as "treks". A hunting sessions concludes in a bonus round.[3] The players can either participate solo or one on one by using two plastic rifles.[4] How much points will be earned depends on certain factors like distance, weight and accuracy. There are different states to choose from with a variety of animals, like antelope or moose.[5] The hunting can be done in different conditions varying from fog to snow, with overall 16 bonus rounds.[6] All of the Big Buck HD machines are networked so they can track the players' rankings through online leaderboards.[7] Big Buck HD was the first edition to integrate Facebook and Twitter. That allows players to share and compare scores and awards via social networks.[8]

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