UPDATE OPEN AIR STAGE : (I need a Bat Signal : Who knows how to make a bat signal ?) Some of you will have heard that we intended to build a full building on the rear section which is our carpark, one thing led to another and we have decided to initiate that build in winter or when the new stadium construction begins.

So, in the meantime we are poised to set up our open air stage to host a series of events like we did when we first opened.

It was always real fun to show case some of chch's emerging talent. The bands, the DJ's the Comedians, the Circo Arts people - made ARCADIA a real hub of creativity and niceness in amongst the games burgers and beers ...aaaaaahhh that was neat.

So our open air stage plan is on full steam ahead. Think back to the old parties some of you may have been to out in the forrest, on the hills, the military bunkers, pop up parties which were full of goodness.

That is what I am seeking to create. Fat sounds, nice visuals, comfy chill zones pushing out some psy trance, trance, hard core, house and some of the neatest bands that I can round up. I want that mechanical bull set up to and maybe a little bit of top town action or a foam cannon wouldn't go astray.

So sound tests are a pass no complaints. Gear is on order. Applications are in. After my last post many booking inquiries are in. So if you are in a band, your a dj, stilt walker, fire dancer, bongo drummer etc hit me up and lets organise some thing fun. Thanks to those of you that have made contact - its been good, Trance Masters, Visiting Deejays, Hip Hoppers, 80's covers bands ( hell yeah).

The ultimate aim will be to broadcast and record and stream live these shows so I have nice evidence to post all over the evidence PERFECTOMONDO

Fun Fun Fun : Burgers, Beers, Video Games & Parties

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