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Where The Games Come From : PINTECH

May 31, 2018

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What Games Are At ARCADIA

June 21, 2019

We have Battle Gear 2



We have Out Run 2


Coming soon for your racing pleasure we have Daytona ! Daytona !


Now, down at ARCADIA, keep your eyes pealed for tournaments on these babies, winners get a real life ride in the front seat of our very own sponsored racing car care of LBR Racing




3. One of my favorite games is Metal Hawk! One of the last working ones we know of in New Zealand! Soon to be on tournament, winners get a sightseeing ride in a helicopter over CHCH ! I'm coming too ! YES it moves so hold on to the wine ! 



4. We have Street Fighter 4


5. We have Street Fighter Hyper Edition - best one for tournaments - join our FB page for information on these tournaments and be in to win! Last winner took $1000 Cash! Hoooray! Many thanks to WAKACHANGI ! Nice Beer !




We have prize giving games! 


We have  (6) The Chocolate Crane of yummy goodness, We have (7)THE CLAW for grabbing your soft toys and we have the (8) THE DREADED STACKER OMG !




Now, we do have a couple of multi game machines. These were must have games and I was running out of room ! But soon, soon I tell you, we will have an additional building next door to fill up with MORE GAMES! Virtual reality, online gaming, retro games and a stage for our party time! 

Multi game 1 : Eight man, Metal Slug ( so cool), Super Base Ball, World Heroes 2, Samurai Show Down, World Heroes




Now I Love LOVE Bomb Jack, it makes me think I can fly!















Ghosts and Goblins SO HARD OMG







Multi Game 2: Frogger, Lady Bug, Galaga,