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Defender, I reckon it is the hardest game in here....the button layout, the speed, the badies blowing me up all the time. Every now and then an expert pops on in and away they go, getting scores that seem impossible. From time to time, a Defender veteran will meet another enthusiast, I listen intrigued as they discuss strategy, game quirks and personal histories with the game. One of the Defender champions Rod Wilton, explains some very sensible tips that in his view could lead a novice to indefinite playing status!!

So,how to get good

1. Destroy everything in the 2nd wave except for a mine or two. Then just practice on baiters.

2. After 3rd round destroy all men except for a couple to protect and carry, time isn’t your friend because of the baiters so kill as much as u can as fast as u can is the rule.

Rod is trying to push through the 300k barrier

"Once u get good enough to hit 500k you should be able to play indefinitely"

I took the advice.

Still, I am not a Defender.

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