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Mr Matt who won a ride in the ARCADIA sponsored LBR Motorsport​ Rally car at Ashley Forrest Rally had this to say :)

Had such an epic experience in the passenger seat of this beauty at the Ashley Forest Rally Sprint this weekend.

Thanks so much to LBR Motorsport for taking me out for a ride and a huge thanks to Arcadia Retro Arcade & Pinball Emporia for giving me the opportunity.

I was blown away by how fast it was, flying over the gravel in between the trees on the edge of control. Then coming over the finish line and getting massively sideways and almost spinning just for an extra kick of adrenaline to end things. It was such an awesome experience and reminded me why I've always loved rally.

Now all I want to do is find a way to get into rally myself, whether that be as a driver or co-driver

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