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First, again, thank you all for coming through, your ongoing support of ARCADIA is awesome. Your help to pretty the space up, your feedback and reviews are much appreciated :)

CHCHin1: A Christchurch Story have made us the most epic short vid, follow their page to see it and other vids show casing what is awesome in Christchurch. they do the mahi so we get the treats :)

Christchurch Polytech Students : Have been in also to make a cool video of us, they taped the Wakachangi Street Fighter 2 tournament to make us cool short doco too AWESOME we will post it when it comes through.

Wakachangi Lager Sponsored the Street Fighter 2 tournament right here at ARCADIA. Good turn out, 4 hours of intense competition. The winner STAMPA taking the first prize of $800 cash followed by Kim and David White. Good night! good game and OMG you should have seen the intense faces. The emotion. So intense.

LBR Motorsport ARCADIA sponsored this awesome rally Car group. They have this weekend gone to drive in the Ashley Forrest Rally. They took one of our lucky customers out for a ride which just happened to be the ride that got the best time...I wish I went BUT I would have screamed and cried and passed out with all them trees rushing past the window and my 160kg strapped in to the small wee space ! HA ! MORE GAMES: Next week we shall have another Pinball machine... check out the post below, see the clue and tell me what game it is to go in the draw for one of 5 lots of 20 gaming tokens !

Dont forget, is working hard on building some new cabinets to bring us another set of arcade games AWESOME!!

GO PRO: My Go Pro is ready to give to customers who want to facilitate a walk through on any game in-store. you put it on then play away showing us your skills and explaining what to do ! We will edit it up and get it on line! Will be so cool to get those of you with a story to tell about your escapades on a game - online.

Check the events tab for up and coming events - A few bands coming up, few djays and an 80's night. RDU Decknology is booked so October and November will be good fun.

Thanks for following ARCADIA

May the Force Be With You.

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