In this issue: Thanks : Expansion : Extraction : Food : Temporary Structures : Circus Tent & Flying Bearded Female Mermaid (me) : New Games.

We are now into our 39th day of trading!!! Thanks to all of you who have been down and who keep coming back for more. This week, 16 bands playing the semi finals for RDU Round Up, birthday parties, visits from the Game Developers Canterbury, a Scooter club and many many others. Its been awesome!

Now in the last update we spoke of the need to expand. Magically, during this week we have taken some robust steps towards that. This started when I received a phone call " Can we do your extraction tomorrow morning" (rather than next month) SO EXCITING. came down and started the job - to be completed this week Tuesday. We will have big huge extraction so can use the fryers, grills and the big oven ! THIS MEANS GOBBLE GOBBLE FOOD.

You will be able to grab that burger, chips combo, you will be able to get the steak sandwiches, the fishermen baskets and all the other tasty treats we shall provide. Good Hearty Tasty Old Fashioned No Frills Tucker !! So now while you play, you can eat A LOT. The team are working on making sure the coffee, the muffins and scones and the range includes gluten free and awesome vege options.

I had described an intent to erect a temporary structure on the car park out the back so that we could fit more games into the building and put our events out....turned out though that the consent and design and engineer fees for what I was contemplating is just unfeasible! So now I brainstorm option 2...I am thinking Circus Tent. I always wanted to be flying bearded female mermaid! So investigations are underway. OH the desire to use the space creatively while the long slow process for a permanent building is initiated! ARCADIA will get there.

On the Game Front we have the date set for the Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition tournament, its in September. Thereafter we will do a rotation of games on tournament. Looking forward to Girus one as so many of you keep getting so many HIGH HIGH SCORES ! We also have more games due in care of updates to come !

In conclusion - please do think of us when if your work place is looking for some where to go for a work do / team building / end of week drinks :)Think of us if your looking for some where to do your kids birthday :) Think of us if you are looking for some where to do your birthday! And think of us when your fingers are itchy for a game, you feel like going out for a beer a burger and some Blondie.

Thanks everyone

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