My First List Of Reasons Why I Love ARCADIA:

1. I love it when people walk in the doors and the eye balls light up. It looks like they have walked into a treasure den. Flashing lights, noises, tunes. Its fabulous. That release of endorphins, that moment of joy, that few seconds of joy. That's ARCADIA

2. I love it when I rock up to open the doors and BANG, mum and the pram and the kids are there, coming to chill for a few hours. The kids run around, get faces painted, mum or granny takes a cider and cackles as they reminisce with a song or a game.

3. I love it when the granny grabs the machine gun. She shoots the targets and all of a sudden it does not matter so much that she has one glass eye!

4. I love that people come in and tell a story, they speak of the days when they would hide their bile behind the chip shop and play video games " have you got Elevator..." " have you got Metal Thug"

5. I love the Irish lady that came in, all her friends shrieking at every button bash. The sound of glee, the sound of joy and every now and then an expletive

6. I love that the bands come through, they are like hey, can we play a gig here? I m like Aaaawww yeah ...I love that this space can also cater for and support emerging musicians and bands and that ARCADIA can cater for those that want to see their peers play live. I love that they then come back with their kids and friends to bash some buttons and gobble down some treats.

7. I love that this guy comes in to play street fighter all the time. He tells a story about growing up with street fighter being taught by his dad. Then when I tell people about the 1000 dollar prize for the tournament and they alls eem to confident they will win, I say HEY go play this guy...

8. I love that my babys mothers who critique what I do, come through and have lots of good things to say. That the critical matters I can act on swiftly. This is good.

9. I love that work groups come through, 20, 30, 40 and they have a good time, eating, gaming, shooting, laughing EVEN the one that got out of control and had a mini spastic was good !

10. I love that ARCADIA has been able to fundraise $7000 towards charities who have come through for events

11. I love that the Pinball Krew from KIMZONE come, play and win the high scores all the time and share the winnings in food and beer !

12. When people win chocolate

13. When they win coins out of the slider

14. When they win key rings and mega drives !

15. When I give out a free token and the guest feels so happy

16. I love the conversations in the lane, in the carpark where ideas are created.

17. I Love that the lawyer that fell in love with the place organised his own Karaoke night - that the same guy gave us lots of board games

17.5 I love that people sit and play these board games - cards, operation, game of life, monopoly, chess OMG

18 I love that the other lawyer that loves the place scatters treasure all around - the ZELDA light, the TIN TIN comics and plays host to all our new friends

19. I love the gigs. 150 people through till 2am that devour the tunes played by the deejays and music masters while they shake it like a tree in the wind

20. I love that my friends come to help, they hoover (with the hoover that hardly sucks ) they clean toilets, they give out fliers, so much help its so kind.

21. I love that ARCADIA has gone from a figment of my ideation, to a place that is so very awesome

Meeting again, the people that have come through the building while I have had it for the last 15 years. Its been cool re-meeting you and speaking more cool plans into reality. ARCADIA has been so cool.

Now, I have come from a background of social service and community work. This always remains a passion of mine. What I love so much about ARCADIA is that I have managed to recruit mentors for a community group, that we have fundraisers in the pipeline for other groups and that ARCADIA has been able to sponsor music lessons and instrument purchases for people that want to get into it but just cant due to financial difficulties. I also love that I have been able to continue funding efforts in Sunny Samoa to protect the reef and the sea turtles all by the income provided by ARCADIA in so few weeks.

Its been magic.

I love it.

More magic to come.

More games. More space. More menu. More awesomeness. Come get involved.

Thank you all for coming along, for your advice, your critiques, your exuberance and your patronage.

Come play again and remember...ARCADIA is for YOU.

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