Get Your Late Night VAPE Juice At ARCADIA c/o Foglab

ARCADIA stocking local Vape Juice for your vaping pleasure in collaboration with Foglab, a local emerging producer of quality


The Foglab have been mixing and making unique and delicious E-liquids for two years. The lab is expanding due to local demand and the scientists behind the label are rising to the challenge of supply.

When asked what is so good about their E-Liquid, they express a confidence in quality from the source. Having sought and found the best flavours from the United Kingdom combined with the best organic PG and VG sourced right here in Gods Own Aoteroa.

Foglab assert that their mixes feature the best flavour and smoothest taste. ARCADIA members who have tested the product agree. Toot Toot!

Foglab E-liquids are even mix of 50% VG and 50% PG which delivers not only the best taste but the smoothest vape as well.

ARCADIA is offering Foglab products Foglab have an expanding range of flavors, we are stocking these four initially.

We sell bottles for an all time special price of $25ml for members with between 3mg -12mg of nicotine.

Come try some. Have a game, a burger, a beer and grab some E-Juice.

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