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Burgers Beers and Video Games.....SO what are the games?

Arcadia, the result of my day dreaming up a wickid chill space. I like nice tasty food, I like beer and yes, I do like to play video games so what better things to throw into a building on the Eastern Frame that I have been using for projects on and off over the last 15 to 16 years. Add a party here and there and Im in heaven, an awesome wee play place in the inner city.


Well below is the list, check out the image scroll to give you some reminders and then add Pool, a selection of Play Station 3, Nintendo 360 and other console games and of course cards, chess and some board games. Coming very soon will be 6 -10 computer stations ready for League of Legends and other online game play. Use our towers (very basic) or bring your own and plug on in.

As we move forward, we will rotate some games in and out and there is the intention to increase the basic number of games by a further 10 dedicated cabinets.

Be sure to keep an eye out on the facebook page and on our events page as there will be regular pinball comps, retro game tournaments and other activities regularly through the week. This will include Pac Man championships, Street Fighter Championships and more. It will be fun.

If your just out cruising with a friend, coming down to challenge them to a high score play off is always a good way to pass the time. If your on a special date with a special tinder grinder friend, you can thrash them at games and see if they will make your eye ball sparkle as they win your heart and beat your score. Happiness and JOY !


Pinballs: Sega - Frankenstein Sega - Southpark Data East - Lethal Weapon 3 Williams - White Water Williams - The Getaway High Speed 2 Bally - The Addams Family Bally - Scared Stiff Bally - The Twilight Zone Bally - Dr Who Stern - Family Guy Stern - Tron Legacy Stern - Seawitch Gottlieb - Black Hole Williams - Hyperball Video Games: 26" World Hero's Neo Geo 26" Tumblepop 26" Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition 26" Multi game (ALL in same cabinet) - Donkey Kong, Pacman, Galaga, Frogger, Phoenix, Space Invaders 26" Gyruss 26" Raiden DX 26" Defender 26" Ghouls N Ghosts 32" Tekken 3 32" Widescreen Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 20" Silk Worm Dedicated Games: Twin Racer - Battle Gear 2 Twin Racer - Outrun 2 Silent Scope Metal Hawk Redemption: Coin Pusher Stacker Chocolate Crane

The games play on tokens as well as gold coins. $1 one game and 2 tokens equates to $1. You can buy tokens at the token machine and we will gift you tokens with selected burger and beer purchases. Happy Hour is especially happy when you get free game tokens and can enter our Happy Hour tournaments eh !!

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