Its the number 2 question (Number 1 is WHEN DO YOU OPEN) Number 2 question is WHAT ARE YOUR OPENING HOURS!! We anticipate opening for business 9th June, just a couple of things to sort out then we are away !

Opening Hours :Wednesday, Thursday, Friday open for lunch 11 am through 2 pm. Then again 5 pm till 7 for Happy Hour, 7 till 10 for games, burgers, beers and other activities. We can stay open till 2 am depending on what events we are hosting. Saturday noon till the end of our event at around 2 am and then Sunday 10 am through till midnight.

Regular event fixtures include: Mother and baby Lunch With Soraya Wed 1-2pm : 3rd Age Tea and Scones is Wednesday 1-2pm, Happy Hour every open day 5 till 7 pm. Wednesday 7 onwards BBC Barbadoes Board Gamers Collective - come play RISK - MONOPOLY - CARDS - CHESS etc. Thursday 8 pm onwards Classic Club & Classic Game Tournaments. Sunday is Seans BBQ day with Sci-Fi Horror movies into the twilight hours.

Coming up through June, July and August we have a few parties, Gigs by Stonhurst and Themeta promoted by Tombstone, parties by Synchronicity with some interest by Eyes Down Sound and Tech 9 HOPEFULLY! Of course, ARCADIA is also set to host a few inhouse parties including Rockys Horror Karaoke Party on Friday 13th and a Street Fighter 2 Championship. We have also booked a couple of 80s 90s WIZARDS Reunions and an official Pinball Tournament !! Should be good fun down at ARCADIA.

My favourite nights will be them low key gamers nights, for those times when you feel like going out, having a few drinks but cant be bothered going clubbing BUT would play a few games and have a yarn - YUP thats the party for me.

Wed Through Friday Open for Lunch 11-2pm

Open again 5 till 10pm Later for events

Saturdays 12 noon till 10pm Later for events

Sunday 10 am through to 10 pm

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