Well, over the coming months we have a series of events showcasing some local bands and deejays and other performers. This all part of our mission to keep Arcadia interactive, versatile, creative and reserve it as a space for creative capitol in CHCH city!!

We are really pleased to be partnering with Tombstone Entertainment to bring regular gigs to ARCADIA and to lay in the plans to get some local street party action going. OH YEA SHIT HOT.

Click this link to the events page, first party is 9th June 2018

Stonehurst are proud to be the first band to break in the new venue with some awesome supporting Acts: Fall of them: Fall of Them are an upcoming heavy metal band infused with killer riffs and face melting solos! Elidi: Heavy, driving, progressive rock, with moments of introspective contemplation, Elidi explores diverse musical and lyrical groove-oriented themes with an ear to the ground and an eye on the sky. Presented by Tombstone Entertainment

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