Well I am making up a few competitions. I wonder what the prizes should be. So like, the competitions....

- You come in, buy a competition card, $20. Record the games you play and your scores and go into a draw to win


- You come to a tournament night and WIN WIN WIN and beat all the street fighters or tumble poppers


- You come to a game competition night and get the high score on the night

You need to WIN WIN WIN and feel like a winner. Well if I was going some where to play a game to win, I would be stoked if the prize was awesome. So in my imagination I am thinking, what is an awesome prize?

A free burger....naaaaaaaaaaa

Free games...naaaaaaaaaaa

Free t shirt....naaaaaaaaa

But mind you I would totally take those types of prizes and be pretty happy.

The only thing is. I am getting old. I don't just want to be happy, I want to say OH MY GOD THATS FANTASTIC AWESOME WELL DONE GOOD JOB.

So the prize, say for winning some thing should be like

Bungy Jump Pass.

Zip LIne Pass

Sky Dive Pass

Hot Air Balloon Pass

Air Soft Pass

Laser Strike Pass

Bowling Pass

Include some food etc a T Shirt if I come last like normal.

In my case, Im so fat at the moment I would not even be allowed to go on a Zip line or a Sky Dive as I might break the Zip or the plane, or the sky itself! I so I may trade it in for a treadmill or a gym pass!!

I dont need a gym pass, I been paying for years, maybe one of them things that straps on my body and electrocutes me all day and gives me six pack. YES. I would love to win that if I bashed the crap out of everyone at DEFENDER !

Anyway. I figure we go prize pools. If you win, you get to choose from a pool of prizes just in case the wig dont fit and you have no friends who want it.

Tell me what prizes you want in the pool !!!

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