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What was HOT in 1978

Space Invaders, released in arcades by Taito in 1978, is one of the most influential and successful video games of all time, laying the foundations for most shooters and action games that followed. It revolutionized the game industry and has become a pop culture icon. When I was out last week, I popped into a fish and chipper on Colombo st and saw with my very own eyes an original space invaders game in old school cabinet. 50 cents a game and 7 dollars later I still had not managed to save the earth. Damn you aliens to hell.

There were a bunch of games released during the year, check em out

While playing I wondered, in 1978, what else was going on !!

Well did you know it was the year Grease came out

Garfield was born

OH WOW all sorts of crazy things were going on check it out


I was wondering, that when people were off to the arcade, what music they would be listening too. I suppose it was THIS, top hits of 1978, pretty cool! 1978 sounds like it was a cool year to be alive, for some anyway.

OH and the movies..... check these out, released 1978.

Star Crash - Crazy I wonder if people actually went to that !

Dawn of The Dead !!

Cool Mad Max !! Jaws was also released, The Lord Of The Rings, Inglorious Bastards......seems like it would have been a good year at the movies in 1978!

OH wow... era of Punks VS Teddy Boys

Look at the pretty Punks

Im just trying to figure out right now, who would actually go to the arcade to play, would it be Teddy Boys hanging at the arcade? Or PUNKS or some other group? What music would be there? Who was there !!

Im sure google will tell me ... ill go find out

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