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Bride Of Pinbot

The Bride Of Pinbot is coming to Arcadia. She is getting all polished up and Iain down at Pintech : is making sure all the features work as well as they did when the game was first made.

She will join our row of Pinball machines at Arcardia, Christchurch's Retro Gaming Barcade and Pinball Emporia. We will have the biggest public collection of pinball machines and retro games in the country alongside some pool tables, darts, board games and PC tittles including Legue of Legends & Counter Strike

Join us on FB and keep up to date with developments and get invites to our events as we get em sorted!

Tell your friends and make our place your space for chilling with your mates. Games, tunes, food, drinks, what more to ask for at an inner city chill pad.

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