At ARCADIA we are into events that showcase artists and event promoters that are passionate, love to create an awesome, safe and dynamic event. We are so lucky to have been approached and to work in with some awesome promoters who know their stuff. 

Here you get to meet the people that we love to work with. 

Eyes Down Sound Crew

These guys are wickid. They have the best hand made sound system that tours NZ playing outdoor festivals and events and also frequent clubs and spaces that can handle the level of sound that the system puts out.

We were lucky enough to host them for a party and maaan, the system rattled the dust from the cracks in the building, the dj's that played were skilled enthusiasts and the crew were a dedicated and professional lot and a pleasure to work with. 

The punters that follow this crew are a good party bunch. True sound enthusiasts and were a pleasure to host. If you are looking for a system to follow, follow this one. 


Dub. Bass Heavy Goodness. 

Check them out here on facebook. 

Tombstone Entertainment 

We have hosted a number of gigs with Tombstone entertainment. Tim Hunt the driving force behind the label excels at managing a team that gets the job done. From coordinating performers, organising sound and ensuring the marketing attracts a good number of punters on the night Tim and Tombstone are the goods.

Tombstone has a good rep, good number of bands willing to follow the label and always do a good show. 

Follow the link to see what they are up to :)




Synchronicity Events 

When we opened, Synchronicity Crew booked a party and it was a nice one. This is a team of awesome who set up gigs around town and also outdoors taking over where the likes of MASSIVE left off. Headed by Grace a competent organiser and lady of vision - Synchronicity is a good one. Follow them if you are looking for good outdoor parties or even inner city antics.  We hope to host them again soon! 

"Synchronicity is a growing collective of like-minded individuals from all over New Zealand and abroad. We all share the same passion for the arts and this has motivated us to bridge the gaps in the New Zealand underground culture." 

Check em out and follow them here 


Well here at ARCADIA we love the 80's. Its hot. We also love a good back to the 80's party. We have been working with WADE who has booked a number of sell out 80's parties here at ARCADIA. 

He has the tunes, the gear and marketing expertise. 

Contact and follow him here