The Ultimate Project 

Now, I thought I would throw this page in on the site, just in case you are having a good look around. Prior to opening ARCADIA, I was in community development for 15 years. It was great, I realise though that I needed to get into some business if I was ever going to pull off some personal projects! I need to gather people, conversationalists, interesting folk who will give me some clues on my ultimate life project! I thought that a bar arcade just like ARCADIA would be an awesome place to find and gather these people and I have been right! 

I have met the best people, from drainlayers, to IT folk, to streamers, marine biologists, activists, broadcasters, market gardeners...all who have been so willing to talk, have a beer and give me clues on the ultimate project! 

The ultimate build an eco-village in Samoa which will focus on reef replanting, sea turtle conservation alongside social & economic development initiatives. 

Thanks to all of you who have helped out so far, check out the stream link to learn more about the project! Its going ! Every game, every beer, every party helps us get sorted for turtle saving !