Are You Fundraising ??

We are all about contributing to the community, a cause or even a personal fundraising goal. 

Option 1       


Sign up with us and we will provide you with a pile of fundraising cards barcoded to you or your cause. You then distribute these cards to your friends and networks encouraging them to pop in, have a game, buy something to eat or drink. When they present the card with their purchase, a percentage of what they spend is credited to your cause. All you have to do is encourage people to spend their food money at Arcadia and then you gain! They swipe, your cause gains. Especially good if you get the crew down for lunch or a burger after work. Contact for more details.


Option 2       


If you think you can get 150 people to Arcadia for an R18 ticketed event, lets get planning. If the event is successful you could raise up to $3500.00 towards your cause.


Option 3       


We can give you vouchers to on-sell to your networks. These vouchers will offer a burger beer and gaming token combo at a reduced rate that allows you to make a profit on each token on-sold to your network.

We are open to other ideas so do get in touch. 

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