About Us

about 107.5 fm

It has been nearly 10 years since we were broadcasting from the roof at 206 Barbadoes St and we are set to do it again. Amateur radio on the guard-band set to show case the best tunes of the 60s-90s a reflection of the culture down at the arcade 206 Barbadoes St. 

Broadcasting from the open shop makes for a dynamic on-air cafe feel. Show hosts play the tunes and host the conversations. Multiple shows of interest - showcasing local bands and deejays and introducing listeners to the good citizens of the city and their epic stories. 

ARCADIA FM offers show slots to those with tunes or a story to share and hopes to give people seeking on air experience the introduction to broadcasting  that can lead onto or support study or work in the industry. 

While we sing along to our favorite tunes, we aim to shine a light on the creative underbelly of Christchurch and shine a light on whats cool.