Over the last weeks we have had lots of visits from the cool crew down at Skillwise. They support people with disabilities into employment. We are happy to support the group and offer opportunities to their members and are extra happy when they come and get happy on the video games! In talking with them, we have found them in the midst of fundraising for a theater for their clients. We are donating to the cause and are putting the information out there should any of you who love ARCADIA have anything to offer this fine group towards achieving the goals they have for their clients. Check out the information below :) Then come play video games, your support of ARCADIA allows us to support comm

Lethal Weapon Pinball

So, Lethal Weapon Pinball. I have been trying to play it, aiming for a score of 10,000,000 but I FAIL. So I have found some tutorials and thought I would share them here to give you all some clues and so I can have some clues too and hit my target score. Check out the video below, check out the rule sheet copied under that and then soon, I will show you my magical skills on the game (once I have figured it out of course) This is a comprehensive guide to Lethal Weapon 3, a 1992 Data East pinball game. Lethal Weapon 3, Triball, Lotzaballs, and whatever else is probably copyrighted by Data East. I do not take any responsibility as to how you use this rulesheet. Abbreviations LW3 - Lethal Weapon

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