In this issue: Thanks : Expansion : Extraction : Food : Temporary Structures : Circus Tent & Flying Bearded Female Mermaid (me) : New Games. We are now into our 39th day of trading!!! Thanks to all of you who have been down and who keep coming back for more. This week, 16 bands playing the semi finals for RDU Round Up, birthday parties, visits from the Game Developers Canterbury, a Scooter club and many many others. Its been awesome! Now in the last update we spoke of the need to expand. Magically, during this week we have taken some robust steps towards that. This started when I received a phone call " Can we do your extraction tomorrow morning" (rather than next month) SO EXCITING. www.ERS


Into another week, this week we are open normal hours all week. Be sure to check out RDU Band Round Up Friday and Saturday night, RDU and Three Boys are celebrating 20 years of Round Up and the first semi-final is going to separate the best of the best from the best than the rest! Rock up to Arcadia on July the 27th and rock out to an awesome line up of bands. Talent will abound and there’ll be a ton of prizes up for grabs but only a select chosen few will progress to the GRAND FINAL! Friday night we welcome the Cantaru - Game Developers Social, will be a good night. You may notice our signs are finally up ! They are


My First List Of Reasons Why I Love ARCADIA: 1. I love it when people walk in the doors and the eye balls light up. It looks like they have walked into a treasure den. Flashing lights, noises, tunes. Its fabulous. That release of endorphins, that moment of joy, that few seconds of joy. That's ARCADIA 2. I love it when I rock up to open the doors and BANG, mum and the pram and the kids are there, coming to chill for a few hours. The kids run around, get faces painted, mum or granny takes a cider and cackles as they reminisce with a song or a game. 3. I love it when the granny grabs the machine gun. She shoots the targets and all of a sudden it does not matter so much that she has one glass ey

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