The age of the arcade bar dawns in Christchurch The nostalgic pleasure of dropping a coin in a machine for a video game or a round of pinball is returning to Christchurch. A pair of new arcade bars are set to open in central Christchurch in January and February, bringing the global trend to the city. The bars are a combination of a vintage video game arcades and traditional bars. Arcadia will open on Barbadoes St in January, while The Dive is due to open on New Regent St in February. JOHN KIRK-ANDERSON/STUFF Pintech director Iain Jamieson is providing vintage video game and pinball machines for a new bar in Christchurch. Space Wars was made in

Bags of cash, court battles and teen obsession in 1980s video game gold rush

Check it out, A wee bit of ARCADIA in the media Brent Silby was standing in a Christchurch dairy one day when he heard a strange noise. It went: Blip blop, blip blop. Blip blop, blip blop. He turned his head and in the corner of the Cranford St dairy was a tall black cabinet housing a television. Two backlit words beamed out from above the screen. It was the late 1970s and Silby was eight years old. He was about to discover a new obsession. The two words above the screen? Space Invaders. ★★★ "I was mesmerised almost instantly," says Silby, who is

Where The Games Come From : PINTECH

It all began in the 80’s when I went to the Roadrunner Burger bar in Colombo St and was introduced to the lineup of video games. Gyruss was the one for me, loved it, would have quite happily played it all night, but Dad was waiting as our order was ready, so it was time to leave. At home there was the Atari 2600, which was way cool, but nothing compared to the Arcade machines at the burger bar! Then one day Dad took me to his work where they had an Electromechanical Pinball machine. Don’t know what machine it was, but that was my first time playing one. I must have been about 8 years old. That was the beginning of my addiction to the silver ball. My first real impression was Gottliebs Black

Burgers Beers and Video Games.....SO what are the games?

Arcadia, the result of my day dreaming up a wickid chill space. I like nice tasty food, I like beer and yes, I do like to play video games so what better things to throw into a building on the Eastern Frame that I have been using for projects on and off over the last 15 to 16 years. Add a party here and there and Im in heaven, an awesome wee play place in the inner city. Anyway!!! WHAT ARE THE GAMES. Well below is the list, check out the image scroll to give you some reminders and then add Pool, a selection of Play Station 3, Nintendo 360 and other console games and of course cards, chess and some board games. Coming very soon will be 6 -10 computer stations ready for League of Legends and o


Its the number 2 question (Number 1 is WHEN DO YOU OPEN) Number 2 question is WHAT ARE YOUR OPENING HOURS!! We anticipate opening for business 9th June, just a couple of things to sort out then we are away ! Opening Hours :Wednesday, Thursday, Friday open for lunch 11 am through 2 pm. Then again 5 pm till 7 for Happy Hour, 7 till 10 for games, burgers, beers and other activities. We can stay open till 2 am depending on what events we are hosting. Saturday noon till the end of our event at around 2 am and then Sunday 10 am through till midnight. Regular event fixtures include: Mother and baby Lunch With Soraya Wed 1-2pm : 3rd Age Tea and Scones is Wednesday 1-2pm, Happy Hour every open day 5


Well, over the coming months we have a series of events showcasing some local bands and deejays and other performers. This all part of our mission to keep Arcadia interactive, versatile, creative and reserve it as a space for creative capitol in CHCH city!! We are really pleased to be partnering with Tombstone Entertainment to bring regular gigs to ARCADIA and to lay in the plans to get some local street party action going. OH YEA SHIT HOT. Click this link to the events page, first party is 9th June 2018 Stonehurst are proud to be the first band to break in the new venue with some awesome supporting Acts: Fall of them: https://www.facebo

The True Final Countdown

The toilets are complete, the kitchen is framed plumbed wired all ready for a pre-line inspection then cladding tomorrow. We have food license, we have liquor license, we have multiple bookings for events through June, July and August. The opening of Arcadia is upon us!!! Over the coming days we will release updates about the different bands, deejays and event managers that will be coming to party with us, we will start the release of our vlogs and game walk through's, the menus will be released and the weekly programme of happy hours, tournaments and activities will be released and YES the VAPE Flavours will also be released. SO much Arcadian Fun! We are so pleased that we are coming to the

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