Well I am making up a few competitions. I wonder what the prizes should be. So like, the competitions.... - You come in, buy a competition card, $20. Record the games you play and your scores and go into a draw to win oR - You come to a tournament night and WIN WIN WIN and beat all the street fighters or tumble poppers OR - You come to a game competition night and get the high score on the night You need to WIN WIN WIN and feel like a winner. Well if I was going some where to play a game to win, I would be stoked if the prize was awesome. So in my imagination I am thinking, what is an awesome prize? A free burger....naaaaaaaaaaa Free games...naaaaaaaaaaa Free t shirt....naaaaaaaaa But mind y

The PACMAN Championships

The Pacman Party. Oh I wonder what the champion should win???? Im thinking a double bungy jump pass conditional on wearing the pacman outfit. Maybe it should be a zipline pass with the same outfit. OH decisions decisions.

Some New Pics

Well, we have started the load in, just waiting for things like alarms to go in oh yeah....toilets and a kitchen but its surely actually really nearly finished !!! Heres some pics

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