Retro Game: The New Zealand Story

Ha! WHO knew that Taito released an old school game " The New Zealand Story" Its a kiwi that shoots a bow and arrow and I think the kiwi chucks a boomerang lol The NewZealand Story is a 1988 arcade game developed and published by Taito. The player controls Tiki, a kiwi who must save his lover Phee Phee and several of his other kiwi chick friends who have been kiwi-napped by a large blue leopard seal.

What was HOT in 1978

Space Invaders, released in arcades by Taito in 1978, is one of the most influential and successful video games of all time, laying the foundations for most shooters and action games that followed. It revolutionized the game industry and has become a pop culture icon. When I was out last week, I popped into a fish and chipper on Colombo st and saw with my very own eyes an original space invaders game in old school cabinet. 50 cents a game and 7 dollars later I still had not managed to save the earth. Damn you aliens to hell. There were a bunch of games released during the year, check em out While playing I wondered, in 1978, what else was going on !! Well did you know it was the year Grease

Looking For Some Thing To Do

Well, plans are well under way, paper work for evacuation, food and all that jazz is about sorted so now we just need YOU! To come and play the games and have a munch. SO on those weekends where you feel like going out, cant have a drink at home as you will keep the neighbours awake, dont feel like hitting the bars, well you can come chill at Arcadia. A bit of music, a few games, a feed, more games. Sounds like a plan to me !

Building Check

Most Excellent. This week went to have a peek at the building and it seems that things are well underway !!! The final pour has happened, the wiring laid for infloor plugs for the pool tables and things look good. The space is so much bigger and well, we will have a very versatile area to be working with. Plans for the kitchen are now being drawn, games are getting worked on, seats and tables on order. All the building blocks for a pretty cool chill pad!!

South Park Pinball Ready At Arcadia

Build It and They Will Come. Well !! Pleased his week, the floors are poured, framing has begun, the back wall is in and the power supply plans are about sorted!!! I even chose the spot for South Park Pinball !! The amount of coarse language depends on the machine's language rating so of course will have it on very pg (maybe) I was such an amateur, I still am. I wondered what I was supposed to be trying to do when playing this one ( other than trying to stop the ball from going down the hole) ( The big hole at the bottom) AND THERE I found out the instructions as I have pasted below ! OH YEAH In total, there are five character-related missions which the individual player must complete. The m

Raiden. Play It

Now, Raiden. One of those games that I just had to keep pushing the continue button on. Over and Over and OVER because I had to make it to the end. I loved it when I would shoot and all the different weapons gave me a silly sense of bliss and a a strong case of bad language. Oh the people walking past the old arcade would have just been hearing the dirty foul mouthed cussing and wondered what was going on ! I WAS WINNING ....loosing is what was going on. Like how hard could a game like this be ??? In the year 2090, Earth has suddenly become the target of deranged aliens known as the Cranassians. Following the invasion, the World Alliance Military builds a new cutting-edge weapon, the Raiden

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