Deejay & Band Membership

In Christchurch , there has always been a "do it yourself" attitude to setting up parties, whether it be the old warehouse parties, outdoor shindigs or even the parties we once set up in carpark buildings and small clubs.


You can join up with us and get into the spirit of do it yourself parties and set them up with us!


When you join, we will take some details and start to plan events with you. We will offer you our space during the week to spin some tunes  with your mates and invite you to attend our event management meetings where we will be looking at small parties at Arcadia (150), Big Parties at Arcadia (350) and some sweet wee parties out in the gun embankments and other wee spots. Further, it would be the plan to list and profile you online as surprisingly there is no longer a comprehensive list of Dj's that I could easily find online.

This network is for you if your keen to 

- Be paid. Events need a sound financial basis.

- Collaborate with other emerging deejays and event managers 

- Help create a more diverse and funky scene

- Do your bit to promote your party

We have been involved in setting up events for a wee while, so should you join us and participate in the events team, we will walk you step by step through a sound process of event planning that is compliant with the law and has sound risk management strategies.

Join Now. 

Lets Do It

Set Up Events
Access practice space
Get profiled
Play at events