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The Arcade


We have recently replaced our Pinball Machines. We have Kiss, Aerosmith, Apollo 13, Demolition Man and Avengers!  To come we have Stranger Things and Avatar and very possibly Deadpool! 

We are so happy to be able to make Pinball available to new players, families and those with an interest in the game.

Retro gaming

Our games include The Simpsons, Ninja Turtles, Battle Gear 4, Strike Fighter, Time Crisis, Big Buck Hunter, Galaga, Bomb Jack, Gyruss, Pac Man, Elevator Action, Donkey Kong and many more. 

Come check out games from before the age of internet! Get high scores or scream a lot like I do, especially when playing Frogger!

pinball 5.jpg
The Simpsons.jpg
Other Games

Coming soon is our board game collection, make sure you join the Barbadoes Board Gamers collective group on FB. We have some old computers soon to be set up with Doom, Quake and other online games including LOL and World Of Tanks. Sega Mega Drive is in store and more old consoles to come ! 

Virtual reality 

We have two Oculus Quest headsets available for you to immerse yourself in Virtual Reality. Moving forward we will increase the number of headsets to allow for multi player gaming! 

Grab a headset for $20 an hour, take a couch, stream  to the TV to show off your skills and it is ACTION TIME ! 

Our growing library of games includes Five nights at Freddy's, Roller Coaster, Space Pirate Shooter, Beat Saber.

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