The Arcade


We are pleased to present the biggest line up of Pinball machines in Christchurch. Come down for a game and be treated to regular tournaments and competitions. Our Pinball tittles include Adams Family, Twilight Zone, Southpark, Frankenstein, Tron Legacy, The Getaway, Whitewater, and Seawitch.

Other Games

Coming soon is our board game collection, make sure you join the Barbadoes Board Gamers collective group on FB. We have some old computers soon to be set up with Doom, Quake and other online games including LOL and World Of Tanks. The playstations and nintendos are nearly ready to come out of the wardrobe too! 

Retro gaming

Our retro game tittles include Galaga, Pacman, Space Invaders, Gyruss, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter 2, World Heroes, Tumble Pop, Raiden, Defender. We have also a Twin Racer - BattleGear 2, Twin Racer - Outrun 2015, Metal Hawk - Full Motion Helicopter sit in machine (Only known example left in NZ) - Silent Scope, Ghouls and Ghosts. Come have a go. Practice makes perfect for the competition nights.