How we started


We have a long history in this building being involved in running a number of incarnations of ARCADIA. We have been setting up events, outdoor parties, bus trips, boat charters alongside activities that develop performing artists providing an outlet for their creative expression. The Earthquake broke the business running as Kreation and post Earthquake, regulations broke The Milk Bar. This time around, we are set to offer an entertainment alternative in an arcade setting also delivering really good tasty eat in or takeaway meals. 

We have been lucky enough to be operating for two years , it has been super fun. We are now developing plans to expand into console gaming, online gaming, virtual reality and streaming! 



ARCADIA is a fun house. We offer a space different to many through the city, we aim to be homely, engaging and a place where good people come together and get creative.  Our food is awesome, the games are cool and when we party, it is good party fun time. 

If your looking for a new chilled out hang out, or even a place to party, Arcadia is for you.

If your looking for a place for your private event or you want a hand fundraising for a cause, click here 

We are passionate about creating an engaging space where gamers, performers, eaters and other creative folk can come toegther to chill out and have a good time.